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Pre-PhD preparation
Funding application
Project outline
Preliminary data
Impact statement
Data management plan
Collect collaborator contributions
Collect collaborator costings

Gantt chart

Start 9 months before funding application deadline and complete by 1 month before funding application deadline

A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule. This can be really helpful to make sure you plan all aspects of your project, and stay aware of making sure that you don't get too transfixed with early aspects of the project when later aspects need to be started.

They can be created using Excel or specialised software. A guide to creating a Gantt chart using Excel can be found below.

  • It may be helpful to print your Gantt chart out and stick it next to your workstation.
Gantt chart creation guide External link

A guide to creating a Gantt chart using Excel.

Collect collaborator letters of support
Justify resources
Collect reference from Head of Department
F-9 F-6 F-3 F-1

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