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Pre-PhD preparation
Funding application
Project outline
Preliminary data
Impact statement
Data management plan

Collect collaborator contributions

Start 9 months before funding application deadline and complete by 3 months before funding application deadline

It is essential to agree clearly expected contributions and how they will be recognised at the start. This includes the order of authorship on any publications and ownership of any generated intellectual property; see the link for the ICMJE statement on authorship and what is expected to qualify someone for authorship.

More importantly, you are looking for collaborators who will "add value" to your proposal; some funders are particularly keen that you utilise existing resources and individuals that they already support. So for instance, if you are applying for an MRC Fellowship, think about whether there are individuals working in your field in an MRC Unit that you could approach.

  • Agreeing in advance will avoid arguments late
ICMJE Authorship Statement External link

Weblink describing the ICMJE authorship policy

Collect collaborator costings
Gantt chart
Collect collaborator letters of support
Justify resources
Collect reference from Head of Department
F-9 F-6 F-3

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