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F-9 F-6
Pre-PhD preparation
Funding application
Project outline
Preliminary data
Impact statement

Data management plan

Start 9 months before funding application deadline and complete by 6 months before funding application deadline

It needs to be clear exactly what data you are going to collect, how you are going to store it, what you are going to do with it, and how long you will keep it for. This now needs to be inline with European GDPR regulations. Also consider how you will meet the requirement to minimise the use of confidential information, and how patient data that you do need to access and use will be anonymised.
The HRA decision tool link below is helpful in deciding how to meet the requirements

GDPR regulations as applied to research External link

How to ensure that your research data is managed in line with current European regulation

GDPR transparency wording Public Information Sheets External link

HRA guidance on ethics submissions External link

comprehensive advice and guidance on applying, whether you can go for proportionate review etc

Collect collaborator contributions
Collect collaborator costings
Gantt chart
F-9 F-6

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