Academic Toolkit - ACT!

F-6 F-3 F-1
Pre-PhD preparation
Funding application
Collect collaborator contributions
Collect collaborator costings
Gantt chart
Collect collaborator letters of support

Justify resources

Start 6 months before funding application deadline and complete by 1 month before funding application deadline

Justify the need for and cost of every single item. Make sure you have a paper-trail of quotations as the funding body may ask you for these as part of their due-diligence procedures.

  • Be clear why costs can’t be reduced e.g. parents won’t bring their child to hospital 3 times a week for a study, they’ll only come once, so we do need to fund a nurse to do two home visits a week otherwise we won’t meet our recruitment and retention target. 
  • You will only know that if you’ve done (and can quote) the PPI focus group.
Collect reference from Head of Department
F-6 F-3 F-1

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