Academic Toolkit - ACT!

Fellowship Start Date
F+3 S0
Pre-PhD preparation

Prepare to start

Start 3 months after funding application deadline and complete by fellowship start date

Things that need doing to make sure you can start on time.


Inform your TPD, Head of School and Postgraduate Dean that you have been successful and will be activating the OOPR that you have already told them about (at least 6 months before the proposed start date of the Fellowship).

Make sure you let your collaborators know that you have been successful.

Meet with your future supervisor(s) to establish expectations, key initial goals and the supervision structure (such as meeting once weekly).

Ask the University if there are any administrative matters to be attended to before the start date; if undertaking laboratory work, make sure you have been introduced to the lab manager, that bench space is allocated and that you will have somewhere to work at a computer (ideally your own desk in an office, but many labs are so tight for space that you may end up hot-desking). Many Departments have a Welcome Pack - get one!

There are other administrative matters that are really important to you personally - your contract will be held by a different employer, and you may need to consider how this affects sickness and maternity leave, and whether it affects your pension.  You should look at the IAT guide, see the link below - even if you aren't getting an NIHR Fellowship.

Check if you need to do any Health and Safety Training, Fire Training etc

Arrange swipe card access and email; find out if you need Occupational Health clearance if moving institutions.

In respect of animal work, ensure you have your Home Office credentials in place.

Ethics etc - see post-funding approvals


IAT guide External link

Provides advice on practical issues when taking up a research Fellowship

Post-funding approvals
F+3 S0

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