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Funding Application Deadline
F0 F+1 F+3
Pre-PhD preparation

Await funding decision

Start funding application deadline and complete by 3 months after funding application deadline

You may be called to an interview in this period.


You need to get some interview practice.  This should be organised by the University Department you are planning to hold your Fellowship in.  See the "Personal Development" section for advice and help on "Presentation Skills" as you may need to give a short presentation on your proposed project.

Try and make sure you speak to senior academics who sit on funders' interview panels.

Make sure your CV is up to date. 

Talk to your mentor if you have one.

If you have identified weaknesses in your application, or know there is preliminary data you still require, you can use this time to get things sorted out. 

You may receive reviewers' comments on your application prior to interview. Ensure you address any concerns raised and consider modifying relevant components of your project based on their advice.

Assessing existing literature

Advice on how to assess individual papers and systematically review research within a field

Preparing Your Curriculum Vitae External link

Advice and a template from AAMC to help you prepare your CV.

F0 F+1 F+3

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