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Funded period

Third year PhD

Start 2 years after fellowship start date and complete by 3 years after fellowship start date

Writing your thesis will take time (often at least six months). Setting aside a regular portion of time each week will help. It can seem daunting but this is your opportunity to convey all of your enthusiasm and hard work in an impressive thesis. Remember that you are the expert on your subject, so have confidence in your ability and enjoy the process of bringing everything together!

You will also need to think about life after your PhD. You will need to decide whether you are going to return to full time clinical work or continue to pursue an academic career. It may be helpful to be placed in the same city for clinical placement as your research has been, to make any ongoing work easier.

  • Give at least 6 months notice of when you plan to return to the clinical programme.  The placement will depend on availability at that time.  Talk to your TPD.
  • If you still have work to complete and will need to be in touch with your supervisor consider how you will balance this with clinical commitments.
  • Consider return to practice courses to ease yourself back into clinical work.  These are organised locally.
Paediatric Return to Acute Clinical Practice (PRACP) Course External link

This course developed by the London School of Paediatrics is open to all members of multi-professional team returning to acute paediatrics. The multi-professional and multi-level aspect lends itself well to simulation sessions to provide a stress-free opportunity in a safe environment to practice resuscitation and team working skills.

Returning to clinical practice webinar External link

Short webinar of relevance to both trainees and supervisors

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