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Data handling and management

Advice on how to manage an academic project

Virtual lab-book and using shared group files and resources: 

Translational projects need detailed recordings of all aspects of the project and this has traditionally been maintained in a laboratory book. However newer formalised electronic records are available for this purpose. This should be transparent and have the potential for sharing. One helpful resource is labfolder.

Statistics: training and modules

Many universities have core modules for all students and all are encouraged to include statistics and also to collaborate with a statistician. The statistician should be involved in the inception of the project to guide on issue such as study design and sample size.

It is sometimes handy to have a book to refer to as well as on-line resources e.g. Practical Statistics for Medical Research (1990). Douglas G. Altman ISBN 0-412-27630-5

Data management and security

The FAIR Guiding Priniciples contain useful pointers on scientific data management and stewardship.

Managing funding

Each PhD student will ultimately become an independent researcher with their own PhD students and therefore should gain skills in budgeting and managing funding for their project. Have a look at this article.


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